Advent Calendar

What does it do?

The Advent Calendar package (adventcal) creates a Web page which contains a twenty-five (25) day Advent calendar. The calendar displays a new image in the appropriate cell for each day during the month of December. The current date is determined from the operating system each time the display is requested so that only the images for the curent and prior days are shown. It is intended that this package be integrated with your web server as one of its CGI scripts.

Optionally, a Bible verse may be identified for each day. This verse must be identified in a format consistent with the definitions required by the Bible Gateway(TM) and may be represented as a link to the full text of the verse as delivered from that Web server.

For months other than December, all of the days are displayed as a default image, but if it is December now, try it out.

The file names for the display images, the particular Bible verses, and other items may be defined via a configuration file to enable local customization without requiring code changes. Please refer to the technical information pages for details concerning obtaining the package, installation, and configuration.


This package is copyright 1999 by Dave Eaton, Artronic Development, Phoenix, AZ and released under the terms of the "GNU Public License". A copy of that license may be found in the file "COPYING" distributed with this package and on the Web at: There is no warrantee expressed or implied. (It it works for you, enjoy it.) If you fix any bugs or implement extensions, please share them with the author so they may be considered for any future releases.

Operating Environment

This package requires that a copy of perl 5 has been installed on your system. The package has been tested and run on several variations of UN*X platforms, including HP-UX, Linux, and Solaris and has been used with the Apache and Netscape Web servers.

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(Updated 27 May 2024)