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General Information

In most instances, Artronic Development provides complete maintenance of the pages on our clients' Web sites. We have found that this provides the most consistent and professional site appearance and navigation.

However, Artronic Development also knows that sometimes the most expedient way to keep certain parts of a Web site up to date is for the client to perform the updates themselves. Unfortunately, the complexity of the Web specifications and the need to stay current with other aspects of the technology can provide a daunting barrier. Plus, often there is the need to keep a user index synchronized with the individual pages of information. To address these conditions, we created ARDEpet, the ARDE Page Edit Tool.

An overview of this tool is provided below. If this service would help improve your Web site, please contact us to discuss your needs. The tool is not available for sale, but it may be licensed to your site upon payment of an implementation charge and monthly service fees.


Data is entered into a Web-based form to define predetermined information about each entry. This information is formatted in a manner which is efficient for the application to use and saved into a data file accessible to the Web server. The data is retrieved and re-saved as edits are submitted to the application by authorized users.

In addition to the data file, the information is formatted for viewing via standard Web browsers and saved into Web pages. When edits are submitted, these publicly viewable pages are re-saved as well, so changes are available to the public immediately.

While this ARDEpet makes Web page management easier, still it is necessary to understand how it works in order to use it properly and efficiently. Thus, a set of Web-based help pages is provided with each implementation of the tool.


To provide the flexibility needed to meet a variety of needs, ARDEpet is modular and configurable. After discussions with you, we will implement the modules and options which meet your needs. Some available options are:

User Authentication

To prevent unauthorized editing of the pages managed by this tool, access is controlled by a user ID and password scheme. In many instances, the tool is implemented such that one user controls all aspects of its use. However, when needed, different levels of access may be granted to different users within your organization. For example, it is possible to have:


ARDEpet has been used on numerous Web sites. We will be glad to provide you with a reference example upon request.

(Please note that at any given time, some of these client sites may be dormant or empty as new items are prepared for viewing. The content is under control of the client, which is one of the benefits of this application.)


The tool is not available for sale, but it may be licensed for use on your site. Costs for our applications are divided into two main parts:

  1. code installation
  2. instantiation implementation

This provides for a more cost-effective solution for sites which implement several instantiations of one application in order to address several different needs within their Web site.

Within each of these main parts, there are two components of cost:

  1. a one-time fee for the initial application install or instantiation configuration and setup
  2. a monthly license fee for use and maintenance of the code or instantiation

There is no charge for the application installation if we are your Web site host. In some instances, other Web hosts may not allow us to install our application on their equipment or it may be incompatible with our application. In those cases, other arrangements may need to be made. We will discuss the possibilities with you should that condition arise.

Rates for our applications may be found on a separate page.

Please contact us if you would like more information.


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