Artronic Development (ARDE)

Automating Tasks With the Web

David W. Eaton
Artronic Development
4848 E. Cactus Rd. - Suite 505-224
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
April 1998


Find out how companies and organizations are using the Web to automate tasks and improve productivity. We will take a particular look at the InterWorks Web site and how it is being used.

This presentation will help you learn:

  1. What sorts of things companies are automating with the Web.
  2. How HP's user group Interex is using the Web to automate such activities as the InterWorks and HP World conferences.
  3. Some ideas of how you can use the Web to automate your daily tasks.


During the past two years, we have looked at how the InterWorks Web site (now retired) has grown and shared some secrets and techniques used there. This year we will expand that a bit and dive deeper into the particular automation possible.

Some companies are using the Web for problem reporting, survey gathering and analysis, server status monitoring, and even server configuration analysis and tuning suggestions.

Take a look at how the Web may simplify some of your daily activities.

(Dave Eaton has been creating and maintaining Web sites since mid-1994 and performs the "webmaster" function for a number of Web sites.)

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